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On this page you are invited to learn more about me, my work and research. If you have any questions or ideas
concerning my research or work I would be happy to discuss it with you.
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About me:

The beauty of mathematics is the impetus of my scientific development.
I started my academic career with studies in mathematics,
which I completed with a Bachelor of Science and
a Master of Science subsequently.
I specialised in probability theory and financial mathematics.
On the search for more practical questions
I graduated in Finance (M.Sc.) parallely and
started to work at the institute of econometrics in Münster.
From October 2013 to April of 2017 I was a PhD student and graduated as Dr. rer. pol.. As a scientific assistant I gave classes and lectures at the Institute of Econometrics and Economic Statistics untill September 2017.

At my leisure time I like doing sports, such as badminton, boxing, marathon, pilates, triathlon or yoga. Furthermore I am a member of the Caloreira capoeira club and when the weather is good one might see me on my Honda CBF 600 motorcycle.